1. Onshore base (2,080 sq.m area of land) 1 Divers' motorboat "Valday", project PBM-376, displacement 30 ton
2. Concrete 36m long wharf wall for moorage 1
3. 22m long pile pier protruding out in the sea 2
4.   Medical-prophylactic preparation center for the divers to get ready before descending into the water (120 sq.m two-floor brick building) 1 Our "Shuttle"
5. Building slipway (hangar for repairs and berthing), 94 and 432 sq.m) 2
6.   Modernized tug motorship "ALTAY-2", design 433/471, displacement 30 ton, equipped with, as follows: -two diving stations, -HP (high pressure) compressor 200 atm, -soil suction hydraulic monitor, -220V 8kW electric power station, -unit for underwater metal welding and cutting, -1,5t hoisting gear and -22 hp motor boat "Neman-2" that is carried on board the ship. 1 GRP pipes for the intake, Algeria  
7. "Sarepta" motorboat with TOHATSU (50 HP) engine 1 Onshore outfall pipe installation, Algeria
8. Light range finder "Blesk-2" (2ST-10) 1
9. Pontoon for mounting caisson, 40 tons load-carrying capacity 1
10. Divers' motorboat "VALDAY", design PMB 376, displacement 30 ton, equipped with, as follows: -three diving stations,-25atm medium pressure compressor, -soil suction hydraulic monitor, -220V 8kW electric station, -unit for underwater metal welding and cutting. 1 Onshore outfall and intake, pipeline installation, Algeria
11.   Decompression chamber 2  
Nigth intake pipeline installation, Algeria
12. Mobile station for underwater works based on KAMAZ 43102 truck chassis with trailer GKB-817 (design PRS-VM) equipped with the same mechanisms as those on "ALTAY-2" and "VALDAY". 1
13. GAZ-32217 minibus 1
14. Snow-mobile "BURAN" with two cargo sledges, 300kg capacity each 1 Outfall pipe installation, Algeria
15. Motor boat "Progress" with two outboard motors 1
16. Lighter 6100x2320x1000 1
17. Suction-tube dredger on a 6-section pontoon adapted for transportation on a truck, its performace on soil - 60 cubic meters per hour 1 Diver with the hand jet, Algeria
18. Hydraulic monitor PN-3200 1
19. Self-unloading trailer SZAP (KAMAZ) 1
20. Trailer for "Tonar" motor boat 1 Divers
21. Diesel hydraulic station for sub-sea hydraulic instruments operation. 1
22. Self-priming pump with combustion engine NCS-120. 5
23. Device for high pressure air-supply to the divers, (ADV-330 COMEX) 2 Octopus
24. Device for high pressure air-supply to the divers, (ADV-25 COMEX) 1
25. Water heating device for two divers working under the water (COMEX, France) 1
26. Therapeutic block for decompression of divers (decompression chamber of COMEX, France) 1 Marine growth
27. Computer set 7
28. Self-contained respiratory system Dräger (Dräger, Germany) 10
29. Set of diver's outfit "Beluga" 3 Workins with the partner
30. Set of diver's gear "Viking" with COMEX-X-LITE-3 helmet 5
31. Diver's outfit set for underwater work, COMEX, France 20
32. Diver's emergency set for urgent surfacing FENZY (COMEX, France) 3 Oil and gas equipment maintenance
33. Ventilated diver's outfit set (Dräger) 4
34. Light diving gear SVU 4
35. Underwater television cable set SONY (Japan) 1 Swimming diver
36. Mobile hydrographic unit with a satellite positioning system based on the GARMIN equipment (U.S.A.) 2
37. Satellite positioning system, GARMIN, GPS 35lp-LVC(U.S.A.) 1 Mounting works
38. Underwater modification of supersonic fault finder UD2-12 1
39. Underwater hydraulic perforator (boring machine), STANLEY, (U.S.A.) 1
40. Digital underwater photographic camera "OLYMPUS" 4 Underwater welding, pillar repair
41. Underwater hydraulic hammer, STANLEY, (U.S.A.) 1
42. Underwater and underground communication cable and pipelines route finder TPK-1p 2

Underwater welding by two divers