The most significant and important underwater works that have been carried out by our Company from the very beginning of our practical activities:

1989 - survey of the biggest in Europe bridge-piers, Saratov highway bridge across the Volga river. Water current velocity - up to 1,5 m/sec, depth - 25 meters.

Fishscreen transportation

1990 - building of underwater communication cable crossing on the Yuzhny Bug riverbed (Nikolayev region, Ukrania). Water surface of the crossing - 1300 sq.m, depth of the cable in the trench - 1,5 meters.
1991 - ship-raising works of the floating pile-driver, PKK-24, that is the only one on the Volga river, displacement 2500 ton, Ulyanovsk-city. The vessel was raised from 8-m depth without any special hoisting mechanisms, it was refloated by the method of restoring its own floatability.

Outfall diffisor repairs

1992 - capital repairs of the water intake construction for water supply system in Zhigulyovsk, depth - 19 meters, water current speed 1,2 m/sec.
1993 - Togliatti-Odessa main ammonium pipeline survey on the underwater river bottom crossings in Samara, Saratov, Tambov and Voronezh regions; 26 underwater crossings including the main pipeline laid on the Volga river floor.

Two generations of diving equipment

1994 - building of the bank consolidation for Zhigulyovsk water intake system, subgrading of the river bottom, leveling of the stone bed inclined part, placement of tetrapods
1995 - dredging works alongside the berths of Togliatti port, 900 cubic meters of ground were removed.

The beginning of marina works, Algeria

1996 - capital repair of the water intake aqueduct outfall of Samara Hydro-electric Power station, mounting of the fish protecting structure. Depth 8 meter, a color video film was shot about this work.
1997 - pile planking repairs of the JS Company "TogliattiAzot" terminal. The defects of the pile planking were welded under the water, sand was washed into the cavity behind the pile planking and concrete mortar was injected there as well.

Trenching works, Algeria

1998 - underwater supersonic survey of the "Druzhba" main oil pipeline defective part on the crossing along the Volga riverbed, depth - more than 20 meters
1999 - the Lenin Volga Power station shipping canal water space, the satellite positioning system was used for the river bottom survey.

Ультразвуковой подводный толщиномер GYGNUS-1

2000 - Kuibyshev-Bryansk main oil pipeline underwater crossing repairs. Ground was excavated to 8-m depth, caisson was mounted at 18-m depth and in it a defective part of the pipeline was cut out and replaced with a new one.

Drilling rig

2001 - caisson was mounted on the Volga river underwater crossing of the Kuibyshev-Bryansk main oil pipeline at 20-m depth and 750mm long part of the pipeline was replaced .

Vladimir Butakov, our best diver in 2005

2002 - using our own technology we replaced 11,6 m long part of Kuibyshev-Bryansk main oil pipeline at 18-m deep underwater crossing laid on the bottom of Rozhdestvenskaya Volozhka river. Electric arc welding method was used to butt-joint the pipe in two caisson chambers mounted on the pipeline.
2003 - aqueduct outfall capital repairs of the Volga-Car- Factory water intake station alongside with the fish protection structures mounting.

Kerch channel, sunken ship survey

2004 - reconstruction of the oil product moorage on the Volga river and building new abutments using Larsen Metal interlocking grooved piles. Syzran-city NPZ, YUKOS firm.
2005 - fish screen structure for the riverside water intake station was mounted at Bezymyanskaya Heat- electric Power station.

Sidescanner sonar. Intake tower.

2006 - general repairs of the onshore oil-loading facilities of Syzran NPZ on the river Volga.  
2007 - general repairs of the diffusor outfall 2 of Togliatti district on the Volga, Kopylovo peninsula.

ГБО Водоприемные оголовки

2008 - Hydro and diving survey of the sealed of the Mediterranean Sea at the site of desalination plant construction in Tlemsen, Algeria.
2009 - Intake and outfall construction for the desalination plant in Tlemsen, Algeria.

ГБО Затонувшее судно

2010 - Overhaul repair of water intake head and clean water chamber of Samara Hydro-electric Power station.
2011 - Overhaul repair of water intake head at water intake system of PPD JSC "AVTOVAZ".

ГБО Затонувшее судно

2012 - Overhaul repair of water intake heads at water intake system of Zhigulyovsk city district.
2013 - Overhaul repair of water intake head for the water intake station "Vodozabor" JSC "Avtograd - Vodokanal".

ГБО Затонувшее судно

2014 - instrumental diving survey of 21 underwater crossings of main pipeline for ammonia Togliatti –Odessa.
2015 - Burying of two communication cables into river bottom at submerged crossing of the Volga River. JSC "Transammiak" Togliatti-city.

Drague sous-marine télécommandée et son créateur. 

2016 - Travaux techniques sous-marins pour éviter un arrêt d'urgence de la prise d'eau Zhigulevsk pendant la période d'inondation de 2017.
2017 - Révision de la tête de prise d'eau de la prise d'eau Zhigulevsk.

Écrans de protection pour la prise d'eau. Usine d'aluminium ALBA (Bahreïn). 

2018 - Levé hydrographique du fond, levés instrumentaux et en plongée d'un tronçon emporté du pipeline principal d'ammoniac Togliatti-Odessa traversant la Volga.
2019 - Inspection aux instruments et en plongée de la traversée sous-marine de la principale canalisation d'ammoniac Togliatti-Odessa de l'autre côté de la rivière Volga.

Conteneur de plongée pour soudage sous-marin. 

2020 - Inspection aux instruments et en plongée de 21 passages sous-marins de la canalisation principale d'ammoniac Togliatti - Odessa.